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Welcome to Utreras Law Offices


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If you are involved in an employment law or business law dispute, require a Chicago corporate lawyer, are the target of a health care fraud investigation, or have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor in federal or state court, our firm can help. We are a minority owned and managed Chicago, Illinois law firm committed to providing our clients with legal excellence and value at reasonable rates.


Labor & Employment Law

We are experienced labor and employment law lawyers who regularly represent individuals, businesses, and government clients before state and federal courts and agencies charged with enforcing such laws, including the Illinois Department of Human Rights, the Illinois Department of Labor, the Illinois Human Rights Commission, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the U.S. Department of Labor. We can effectively identify issues involved in these cases, and develop strategies on how a case can most effectively be resolved.


Our prior in-house experience as Human Resources executives also enables us to function as business advisors and strategists to business and corporate clients in developing and implementing human resources policies and practices.


General Litigation

Our attorneys serve clients facing actual or threatened litigation based on business or real estate disputes, consumer rights, injunctions, and a variety of other legal matters. We have experience representing business, public-sector, and individual clients in challenging and complex litigation matters. We know litigation may not always be the best solution for someone, and we strategize with our business and individual clients to explore alternative avenues to resolving problems.


Business & Corporate Law

We represent businesses and individuals throughout Illinois in corporate and business transactions and litigation matters at all stages – from corporate set-up, contract creation and review, through any litigation matters they may encounter.


Health Care Law

We provide a range of health care law-related services, from assisting health care billers and billing companies with day-to-day risk management, compliance and regulatory issues, establishing, reviewing or revising corporate Compliance Programs, to handling appeals of denials of Medicare and Medicaid fee-for-service claims. Our attorneys have the health care regulatory understanding, as well as the counseling and litigation skills necessary, to effectively and efficiently resolve legal issues for our health care law clients.


Criminal Defense

Should you find yourself charged with a federal or state crime, you can feel confident in being represented by former prosecutors with the United States Attorneys' Office and the Cook County States Attorneys' Office. Given our extensive criminal procedure and trial experience, we can effectively challenge the government's evidence, cross-examine witnesses, and find weaknesses in the prosecution's case.