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Our Approach


Times are tough, and clients rightfully demand more value for their legal fee expenditures, while still requiring excellent customer service. From the moment you contact our Chicago office, we provide you with quality legal consultation and representation at competitive rates.


Our Firm has existed since 2004, and our attorneys each have more than 15 years of legal experience. Consequently, we don't have attorneys learning on the client's dime. We have countless legal experiences to draw upon, to allow us to effectively and creatively address your legal issues. Our commitment to maintaining a manageable caseload means clients receive the individualized attention they deserve.


We keep our rates reasonable, considering our legal experience levels. Low overhead and optimized technology use means we can provide rates and services to our clients more competitively than our larger firm counterparts.


At Utreras Law Offices, we are counselors, litigators, and trial lawyers. Contact us today for a free phone consultation.


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