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Corporate Compliance


Compliance with health care regulatory rules and standards is vital to a company's credibility and bottom line. We assist in the development of health care related compliance plans, and the creation of bylaws, policies, and procedures that can be easily implemented and monitored.


The recent Health Care Reform Act requires providers of medical-related services to establish a compliance program. While no deadline currently exists stating when this requirement must be implemented, it is merely a matter of time until all participants in the Medicare Program will be required to have such a plan in place.

Corporate Counseling & Regulatory Advice

We work together with our health care clients to ensure that proof of diligent compliance efforts are evident in order to avoid expensive sanctions, prosecutions, or damaging employee or shareholder lawsuits. We provide representation at all levels of litigation related to legal and regulatory compliance.

Compliance Programs

We help clients implement risk management and compliance programs in order to minimize future problems, identify areas that need improvement, and, if problems arise, advise on voluntary disclosure and cooperation initiatives.